The next winter is coming for sure!

Last Thursday we ´ve been invited to the launch event of Porsche Design x Adidas Women´s Collection “MOUNTAINLOFT” at the University of Television and Film (HFF) in Munich. Welcomed by a well styled concrete mountain loft scenery, sparkling champagne and a delicious walking dinner this evening could only turn out fantastic.

The collaboration between Porsche Design and Adidas was founded in 2006. Ever since the iconic brand got their feet into a whole new segment of engineered luxury sportswear. With the new womenswear collection they now completed their range for women in the fashion and lifestyle categories. The collection is ” A symbiosis of functionality and elegance” as Dirk Schöneberger, Creative Director Adidas Sport Style Division described the upcoming Winter Collection.
White, yellow, black and chocolate brown are the colors to wear on the slope as well as off-piste and on the golf course.



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blog_IMG_5158 blog_IMG_5166 blog_IMG_5167 blog_IMG_5179 blog_IMG_5196 blog_IMG_5198 blog_IMG_5213 blog_IMG_5234 blog_IMG_5248 blog_IMG_5254blog_IMG_5283 Kopie_sblog_IMG_5255 blog_IMG_5261 blog_IMG_5272

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Cocoa Island is a paradise, a Garden of Eden, a Dream Island.

Once discovered by the German photographer Eric Klemm who was there to shoot a Playboy editorial, it is now part of the COMO Group.

Cocoa Island is an intimate private Maldives island resort with 33 overwater suites allowing you to slip right into the turquoise lagoon to explore an exceptional house reef. Encircled with powder white sand, the carefree, understated luxury experience includes holistic wellness treatments at COMO Shambhala Retreat, South Indian-influenced cuisine and worldclass diving.

What we liked most about COCOA ISLAND:
- It provides the ultimate escape, a harmonious sanctuary for mind and body.
- The villas – shaped like dhonis (traditional Maldivian fishing boats).
- The yoga classes.
- The delicious restaurant with the most amazing breakfast menu.
- The small size – in 10 minutes you can walk from one end to the other.
- The exclusiveness, privacy and peacful atmosphere.
- The very friendly staff – due to the small size they know you and your preferences short after arrival.
- The incredible beautiful sunset colors.

This is the perfect romantic hideaway for couples who want to spend a lot of intimate togetherness – it almost feels like it is your very own private island: www.comohotels.com

cocoa_Bildschirmfoto-2013-04-19-um-12.12blog_MG_8068blog_MG_8451blog_MG_8233blog_MG_8413Good morning Cocoa Island.blog_MG_8036Traditional Indian breakfast for him. blog_MG_8038 Probably the best bircher muesli ever eaten for her.blog_MG_8056Doing nothing except being – for hours…   blog_MG_8063blog_MG_8062blog_MG_8073 blog_MG_8093blog_MG_8119 blog_MG_8114Lunch at the beach. blog_MG_8127 blog_MG_8141Hello gorgeousness.   blog_MG_8163blog_MG_8171blog_MG_8178blog_MG_8188blog_MG_8193blog_MG_8204blog_MG_8214blog_MG_8217blog_MG_8222Enjoying the room service. blog_MG_8236 blog_MG_8227blog_MG_8228and another fantastic breakfast.       blog_MG_8240blog_MG_8525blog_MG_8242Reading the story of visionary Eric Klemm.  blog_MG_8244blog_MG_8249 blog_MG_8256Hello luxury – be my lifelong friend. blog_MG_8279blog_MG_8284blog_MG_8668blog_MG_8288blog_MG_8294blog_MG_8373Watch out from the : NECTAR & PULSE hotel paparazzi. blog_MG_8295blog_MG_8315blog_MG_8324 blog_MG_8312 blog_MG_8330blog_MG_8338 blog_MG_8340blog_MG_8333blog_MG_8430blog_MG_8341blog_MG_8357blog2_MG_8362blog2_MG_8673 blog_MG_8393Nothing beats an outdoor shower.blog2_MG_8396 blog_MG_8456blog_MG_8459 blog_MG_8475 blog_MG_8457blog_MG_8569blog_MG_8518blog_MG_8520 blog_MG_8511blog_MG_8534blog_MG_8608blog_MG_8605 blog2_MG_8588blog_MG_8624blog2_MG_8627 blog_MG_8625blog_MG_8642blog_MG_8646blog_MG_8662Last snorkeling session before departure. blog_MG_8679 blog_MG_8675 blog_MG_8682Last yoga lesson. blog_MG_8692

Keep travelling,
yours Tanja for NECTAR & PULSE


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Keep on traveling and discovering the world!




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The next beautiful island on our list was Velassaru. We stayed in a luxurious watervilla (112 sqm) with our own private terrace and direct access to the swimmingpool-like ocean lagoon. It had a king-sized bed draped in sheer linen and silk, a freestanding bathtub and an espresso machine for the caffeine kick in between the snorkeling sessions.

Velassaru Maldives is a distinct Maldives Island hotel inspired by local architecture. Minimal chic revealed in teak, stone, thatch. Simple colour tones with a dash of bright green, vivid turquoise, refreshing yellow.

What we liked most about Velassaru:
- The modern design and architecture.
- The sunset cruise – watching dolphins jumping around our boat.
- The romantic candle-light dinner on the beach.
- The 5 different delicious restaurants.
- The small size of the ressort and feel of luxury and privacy.
- Lying in bed and watching the fish catch each other.
- Seeing the turquoise water – even from the toilet.

In case you wanna spend some quality time with your beloved one(s) – this is the place you will definitely find it: www.velassaru.com

blog_MG_7323 blog_MG_7328 blog_MG_7332 blog_MG_7334 blog_MG_7340 blog_MG_7347 blog_MG_7352 blog_MG_7359 blog_MG_7361 blog_MG_7373 blog_MG_7379 blog_MG_7393 blog_MG_7405 blog_MG_7407 blog_MG_7412 blog_MG_7417 blog_MG_7423 blog_MG_7435 blog_MG_7439 blog_MG_7445 blog_MG_7451 blog_MG_7465 blog_MG_7467 blog_MG_7498 blog_MG_7512 blog_MG_7514 blog_MG_7527 blog_MG_7545 blog_MG_7553 blog_MG_7581 blog_MG_7594 blog_MG_7628 blog_MG_7636 blog_MG_7644 blog_MG_7661 blog_MG_7666 blog_MG_7667 blog_MG_7670 blog_MG_7677 blog_MG_7695 blog_MG_7709 blog_MG_7722 blog_MG_7731 blog_MG_7749 blog_MG_7751 blog_MG_7773 blog_MG_7777 blog_MG_7785 blog_MG_7800 blog_MG_7817 blog_MG_7837 blog_MG_7852 blog_MG_7867 blog_MG_7881 blog_MG_7892 blog_MG_7898 blog_MG_7906 blog_MG_7911 blog_MG_7918 blog_MG_7922 blog_MG_7929 blog_MG_7935 blog_MG_7946 blog_MG_7952 blog_MG_7958 blog_MG_7961 blog_MG_7968 blog_MG_7976 blog_MG_7991 blog_MG_7999 blog_MG_8011Enjoy two more Maldives parts every second Friday. More to come: Cocoa Island and the last about Malé (Maldives’ capital).

Keep travelling,
yours Tanja for NECTAR & PULSE

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The next island to be explored by us was Kuramathi. We stayed in a beautiful beachvilla with a Jacuzzi which gave the whole experience some extra spice.

Set in Rasdhoo Atoll, on one of 5 islands located in this tiny archipelago, Kuramathi island offers a naturally Maldivian holiday experience, with unique twists to suit everyone.  Located 56 kilometres west from Male’ International Airport, the island is over 1.8km long. Guest villas are scattered around lush gardens, facing secluded areas of long beaches or poised over water. Many areas of the island remain untouched, inviting guests to leisurely stroll along deserted beaches or through virgin vegetation.

What we liked most about Kuramathi:
- The greeness almost Jungle feeling and the Botanic walk.
- The sting-ray feeding.
- The eco center with some interesting facts about the sealife.
- The sandbank.
- Getting to know a real Maldivian local who told us a lot of backround info about the Maldives.
- The evening light.

blog_MG_7312Being nicely welcomed at Kuramathi Lobby. blog_MG_7311blog_MG_7011  Starting the day with some fresh pasta and a glass of white.blog_MG_7028blog_MG_7017blog_MG_7025Afternoon SPA Treatment. blog_MG_7015blog_MG_7021blog_MG_7143 blog_MG_7079 blog_MG_7074Impressed by the heavy vegetation. – It was by far the greenest island on our trip.  blog_MG_7070We enjoyed the green-house lecture by Roshan Chhetri from India. blog_MG_7067 blog_MG_7061 blog_MG_7060They grow their own vegetables and plants. blog_MG_7032With freshly pedicured feet – off to the pool. blog_MG_7154blog_MG_7087blog_MG_7151Getting a tan. blog_MG_7055blog_MG_7181blog_MG_7177 blog_MG_7159They even have their own little nature museum. blog_MG_7197blog_MG_7185blog_MG_7196 blog_MG_7204blog_MG_7210 blog_MG_7232blog_MG_7209blog_MG_7224blog_MG_7215.jpg blog_MG_7260Spectacular sting-ray feeding on the beach. blog_MG_7279blog_MG_7274Having a nice fresh grilled fish with Nastassja. blog_MG_7296 blog_MG_7320Saying goodbye and heading to the next island. blog_MG_7321blog_MG_7317Enjoy three more Maldives parts every second Friday. More to come: Velassaru, Cocoa Island and the last about Malé (Maldives’ capital).

Keep travelling,
yours Tanja for NECTAR & PULSE

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