The next beautiful island on our list was Velassaru. We stayed in a luxurious watervilla (112 sqm) with our own private terrace and direct access to the swimmingpool-like ocean lagoon. It had a king-sized bed draped in sheer linen and silk, a freestanding bathtub and an espresso machine for the caffeine kick in between the snorkeling sessions.

Velassaru Maldives is a distinct Maldives Island hotel inspired by local architecture. Minimal chic revealed in teak, stone, thatch. Simple colour tones with a dash of bright green, vivid turquoise, refreshing yellow.

What we liked most about Velassaru:
- The modern design and architecture.
- The sunset cruise – watching dolphins jumping around our boat.
- The romantic candle-light dinner on the beach.
- The 5 different delicious restaurants.
- The small size of the ressort and feel of luxury and privacy.
- Lying in bed and watching the fish catch each other.
- Seeing the turquoise water – even from the toilet.

In case you wanna spend some quality time with your beloved one(s) – this is the place you will definitely find it:

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Keep travelling,
yours Tanja for NECTAR & PULSE

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